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Retail Store

Welcome to Interior Gardens! We would like to invite you to visit our store. At Interior Gardens you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff where you will be introduced to our lush new inventory. Our live plants range in different sizes and textures to satisfy any space in your home. Also, we offer containers, accessories, top dressings, and accents to help you achieve your vision.

Plant Maintenance

Surely you are not surprised that our passion for plants expands beyond the store? Let us help you care for your plants. Our trained and dedicated team is committed to providing a service that includes all of the elements necessary for your plants to remain in excellent condition. Once a consultation has been performed and you have accepted our Maintenance Proposal an Interior Gardens Plant Technician will visit your home or business once a week to care for your plants and ensure they are thriving in their new environment.

Plant Rentals

We provide live greenery for convention exhibits, trade shows, and other special events. Our goal is to meet all of your plant rental needs from an orchid arrangement to a tropical jungle and because we are local we can provide superior service and the best quality plant material in the Valley, guaranteed! Delivered on time and on budget, explore how we can work together to create an unforgettable experience.

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    Thinking of spring already? Bring a blast of seasonal scents into your kitchen with herbs. Here are my five favorite herbs for the kitchen. These herbs add a wild range of flavor to the dishes you love to make! Thyme Chives Mint Sage Basil If you have any questions about indoor plants or if you […]

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    Our 5 Favorite Top Dressings

    • Mood Moss • Stones • Petrified Wood • Colorful Glass • Shells and Coral “I love mood moss because it’s so easy to use. It’s beautiful, elegant and fits like a puzzle. It compliments succulent arrangements which are my absolute passion. When it’s all put together it has an earthy vibe. I love mixing […]

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    Does your bathroom have any plants in it? Why not!

    One room we spend some thoughtful time in, why shouldn’t it be decorated with some indoor plant life? Not only bringing life into this room, plants can freshen the air in your bathroom. There are actually a number of indoor plants that thrive in the typical moist conditions found in this room. Some elements to […]

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Why Choose Plants?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic of plants in your living space, they induce health benefits for the mind and body. Interior landscape plants remove harmful toxins in the air, creating more breathable air and positive energy. Their beauty and bountiful health benefits are a bonus for any room or decor.

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