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Top 10 Plants for Home Decoration

Houseplants make for easy, efficient and effective home decorating. Putting together a nice green arrangement will not only add ambiance and personality to your space, but the plants will also help purify the air. Statistics show that spending time around nature reduces stress levels and relieves tension. There’s a reason why hospital rooms are usually […]


How-To Guide for Proper Orchid Maintenance

Orchids are beautiful and unique flowers known for their symbolism of love and beauty. They offer a magical attraction through vibrant colors, beautiful shapes and delicious scents. There are more than 30,000 species of orchids all over the world and people have crossbred these flowers to create more than 150,000 hybrids. Evidence of these breathtaking […]


Say It With Flowers

Flowers are a very common, and usually appreciated Valentine’s Day gift, but did you know the blooms you give that special someone may also be sending a message? Before heading out to your favorite florist, review the following tips so you can avoid giving a flower that says “You are a liar” or an arrangement […]


Orchids Brighten the Season

Nature offers beauty in the most unexpected places. This holiday season, bring the beauty of nature into your home or office to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our clients continue to request a particular species from our catalog of plants that we spend all year cultivating: the white cascading Phalaenopsis orchids. Grown in a tumbling […]