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If You Were A Succulent…

Did you know there are over 1000 types of succulent species to enjoy? Like people, they come in so many different shapes, sizes and a variety of colors.  Since there are so many, let’s run down 5 types that may just be the type of indoor plant you are looking for. Here they are specified by […]

Health and Wellness terrarium

A World Apart

Their beauty, health benefits and ease of care have brought terrariums back to the forefront of home décor and gift giving. From a thank you gift to an activity for the family, terrariums are an affordable way to bring the outdoors in, anytime of year. You can use small containers, such as glass butter dishes, […]


Orange and Green All Over—DIY Succulent Pumpkin

You still have time to spread some Harvest cheer with this easy do-it-yourself project.  No green thumb required – follow these 4 easy steps to one of our favorite d.i.y. projects.  Supplies: Succulents, Any size pumpkin, Knife, Spoon, Soil + Sand (50/50 Mix) , Plastic Baggie, Scissors 1. Cut the top of your pumpkin(s) to get a clean […]