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A Lasting Symbol of Love

Planning on purchasing a bouquet of bright blossoms for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Cut flowers are cute, but they turn into a gloomy mess within days of delivery, destined for the trash before the chocolates can all be eaten. Instead of the standard bouquet, send a living, lasting Valentine’s Day orchid, an icon of […]

TheFortune Daffodil

Coax Color and Fragrance Into Your Home with Forced Bulbs

Craving a bit of color and scent as spring descends on the world? The prospect of a glorious season of flowering hyacinths, tulips and delicate daffodils indoors can be thrilling. And it’s not that difficult. Forcing bulbs indoors creates a bright floral display with a fragrant aroma. Bulbs, can be induced to bloom indoors rather […]


Chinese New Year: How are You Celebrating the Year of the Sheep?

Do you expect the best for the New Year? Surrounding yourself with the beauty and symbolism of the elegant orchid can bring good fortune, love and luck to your 2015, according to those who recognize Chinese New Year. Orchids have long been considered a symbol of fertility, abundance and luck, making them a treasured gift […]


There is something magical about a home that is full of flowering and fragrant plants. The colors, the scents, the benefits and the overall atmosphere created by blooming flowers during sunny summer days makes for a happy home that is clear of toxins in the air and is full of seductive aromas drifting from the […]


Tips for Creating an Amazing Interior Garden

Decorating a home takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. There are many different elements and pieces that can complete the look of a home and add something extra to the space. Whether you are decorating with furniture, art or colorful pillows and chairs interior design is a big commitment and financial investment. A […]


Indoor Flower Decoration Ideas

Are you thinking about sprucing up your indoor space with some beautiful and fragrant flowers? Indoor flowers have the power to completely transform a bland space into a lively and comfortable living area. Most of us are used to gardening outdoors and limit our flowers and plants to our back and front yards. Did you […]


How-To Guide for Proper Orchid Maintenance

Orchids are beautiful and unique flowers known for their symbolism of love and beauty. They offer a magical attraction through vibrant colors, beautiful shapes and delicious scents. There are more than 30,000 species of orchids all over the world and people have crossbred these flowers to create more than 150,000 hybrids. Evidence of these breathtaking […]


Say It With Flowers

Flowers are a very common, and usually appreciated Valentine’s Day gift, but did you know the blooms you give that special someone may also be sending a message? Before heading out to your favorite florist, review the following tips so you can avoid giving a flower that says “You are a liar” or an arrangement […]


Orchids Brighten the Season

Nature offers beauty in the most unexpected places. This holiday season, bring the beauty of nature into your home or office to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our clients continue to request a particular species from our catalog of plants that we spend all year cultivating: the white cascading Phalaenopsis orchids. Grown in a tumbling […]