Choosing the Best Indoor Plants for Your Home or Office


Realistically speaking, there really is no such thing as an indoor plant. There are however plants that can grow and thrive indoors.

Taking care of an outdoor garden is ideal, however there are indoor spaces that need the added benefits of indoor plant decoration.

Office spaces and certain rooms in your home will significantly transform with the addition of some greenery. The popularity of office plants and indoor plants has considerably grown over the years and scientific research has proven that incorporating plants into your office or home carries proven health benefits, purifies the air and boosts productivity.

In the same way that outdoor gardens create a sense of peace, indoor plants can help us relax as well as flush the toxins out of the air.

Choosing the best indoor plants for your home or office is more than just buying plants that are visually appealing and fit in the space.

At the end of the day plants are living things and they need water, light and some tender love and care. If you can’t commit to providing your plant(s) with the attention and care that they need, then they won’t be able to produce any of the benefits that you were looking forward to taking advantage of.

Before you purchase indoor plants for your home or office you need to determine the purpose of the plant, research different indoor plants that would fulfill your needs and then make sure that you can commit to providing your plants with everything they need.

Determine the Purpose of the Plant

Before you choose a bunch of random plants to stick in the corners of your office or home, it’s important to figure out why you are even considering decorating with indoor plants.

Is the plant mainly being set up as decoration?
Are you trying to brighten up a dull space?
Do you need a plant that can purify the air from toxins?
Do you want a plant that will improve the overall atmosphere of a room?

Although all plants are oxygen-producing machines, certain types of plants can also reduce certain toxins and air pollutants from carpets, furniture, paint or cosmetics. If you’re looking for a plant that will help brighten up an area and add color, then you may want to go for a flowering plant or one with colorful leaves.

Research Different Types of Plants

Once you have determined the purpose of your plants, it’s time to find the best variety to fit your needs. Consult with a local professional at a nursery or read up online about the perfect plants for your home or office. Some of the best office plants include the Snake plants, Bamboo trees, Ficus trees, Aloe Vera and Dracaena plants.

Spider plants (also known as Sansevieria plants or “mother in law’s tongue”) are plants with long narrow leaves that do very well indoors. Whether you will be decorating at home with a spider plant or taking it to the office, they are very tolerant of neglect and they also significantly reduce air pollutants, especially formaldehyde. Snake plants also absorb carbon dioxide at night (most plants do this during the day), so they are safe for the bedroom.

Bamboo trees are tall, green and unbelievably beautiful. They are also highly recommended by NASA as an excellent air purifying indoor plant. You can place a tall and thriving bamboo tree in any corner of your office or home and it will add a graceful accent and burst of greenery. Bamboo trees are also very easy to care for since all they really need is some bright light and water.

Ficus trees are very popular interior plants due to their tolerance for poor growing conditions. There are different species of ficus trees and plants ranging from trailing plants that look very attractive in a hanging pot or the tree species that grows into tall standing shrubs.

Aloe Vera plants are not only aesthetically pleasing as indoor plants, but they also offer a number of healing properties. Aloe Vera plants can help clear the air from pollutants found in cleaning products and the gel of the plant can sooth skin burns and detox the body. Set up some aloe in a break room at the office or in a windowsill at home and it will immediately add to the aesthetics of the space.

Dracaena plants, or Dragon trees are attractive plants with stiff leaves and colorful foliage. They are the perfect indoor plants for offices that need some color or a home that needs a space filler for a lonely corner. These plants are extremely easy to care for, as they need very little attention.

Commit to the Plant & Enjoy

Your indoor plants won’t survive if you don’t care for them. While many species of plants require little attention, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. If you disregard your plants they will wilt and instead of creating a lush atmosphere in your home or office, you will be left with a sad plant cemetery.

Make sure your plants receive enough sunlight, water and attention. If you take good care of them they will in turn flourish and fill your home or office with color and fresh air.

If you have any questions about indoor plant decoration or how to choose the best indoor plants for your home or office, connectwith our experts at Interior Gardens.

We can help you pick the right plants and we will also create a custom care plan for your new additions.


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