Improving Home Interiors with Indoor Plants


Indoor plants have been around forever, but it seems like they are becoming more and more popular in today’s decorating world and there are many individuals who are extremely passionate about plants. Regardless of the type of plant you choose for your home or how you decide to style it, adding some greenery to the interior of your home is definitely a growing trend that will only continue to grow in popularity.

There are many different ways to incorporate plant design into your home and the experience can be extremely rewarding.

Not only will you learn a lot by researching the perfect plants for indoor home design, but you will also exercise your creativity and take on the responsible role of keeping your plants in good health. Indoor plants also carry many other benefits besides their aesthetic beauty. Plants can significantly improve the air quality in your home, boost your mood, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

There are some outstanding examples of home interiors designed with indoor plants. Grouped in attractive arrangements, indoor plants create stunning centerpieces and focal points for interior decorating in eco-style. From vertical walls of plants to hanging air plants and plant collections you are sure to be inspired by some of these wonderful plant design ideas.

Collections of Little Plants

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating principles, indoor plants can stimulate the energy flow through the interior of the home and invite positive changes and energy.

Whether you are collecting pots of little plants on a plant stand or tastefully arranging them throughout your home they add a certain charm to your home. Groups of little plants can fit into almost any decorating or color scheme and they are extremely functional and convenient. Keeping everything together in one place also makes watering and plant care much easier.

You can create wonderful collections of little plants out of ferns, aloes, cactuses and succulents.

Vertical Walls

Vertical walls of greenery are the new standard of wall art and are quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in design with indoor plants. Not only can these simple arrangements add an outstanding splash of color to any room, but they are also extremely practical and beautiful.

These simple planters can hold your favorite potted plants, flowers, herbs or other cascading species of indoor plants. You can use basic terra cotta, modern steel or painted pots to complement the surrounding space.


Terrariums are among the most fun and creative design elements in plant design. Not only are these super easy to put together, but they look great, are easy to maintain and they can hold a wide variety of plants. Placing beautiful plants inside an elegant glass vessel almost makes these arrangements qualify as a piece of art.

Whether you are decorating a small space in a small apartment or a spacious room in a roomy house, terrariums add a perfect touch of color and life to any space. You can also hang your terrariums to add an airy effect to your home as well as to clear away clutter from your surrounding surfaces. Hanging planters are sleek and look beautiful indoors as well as outdoors.

Creative Pots

Planting your beautiful indoor plants in creative pots can only add to the beauty. Traditional terra cotta pots are everywhere and they are the standard for any indoor plant, but imagine how much better your succulents would look in a re-purposed coffee tin can, or how beautiful your ferns would look cascading over the sides of a hand woven basket.

Adding a unique and creative touch to your plants will enhance the natural beauty of your plants and add a special charm to any room in your home.

Green Room

Dedicating an entire room in your home to your beautiful indoor plants is a huge commitment, but it can have a wonderful effect on your home and on everyone who lives there.

Imagine placing a comfortable couch where you can read your favorite book in the middle of a room that is surrounded by luscious greenery – it’s like reading in a rain forest.

Professional Design

Creating a cozy and comfortable environment in your home with indoor plants is an exciting process and it can be extremely rewarding.

Plants offer a wide range of benefits and they look just as wonderful indoors as they do outdoors.

If you have any questions about indoor plants or if you would like some tips on creating the perfect indoor garden connect with our experts at Interior Gardens. We would love to help you find the best plants for your home and help you transform your space with professional plant design.

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