Orange and Green All Over—DIY Succulent Pumpkin


You still have time to spread some Harvest cheer with this easy do-it-yourself project. 

No green thumb required – follow these 4 easy steps to one of our favorite d.i.y. projects. 

Supplies: Succulents, Any size pumpkin, Knife, Spoon, Soil + Sand (50/50 Mix) , Plastic Baggie, Scissors

1. Cut the top of your pumpkin(s) to get a clean and straight edge, removing the top stem as well.

2. With your spoon, start to scoop out a good amount of that pumpkin “stuffing”. Feeling more crafty? Use that stuffing to bake pumpkin seeds or a home-made pumpkin pie.

3.  Place you plastic baggie inside the emptied pumpkin and fill it with your soil/sand mixture. Fill this baggie about half way full. *Get baggies without the super ziplock top, you won’t need it.

4. Start placing and planting your succulents inside the soil/baggie. If necessary, dig holes to really get the succulents anchored in the pumpkin.

5. Optional: feel free to add some Sphagnum Moss around the base of all succulents to further secure them in the pumpkin.

Care Tips:

Don’t over water these succulents, mist once to twice per week.

Best spot for your succulents in any container is in a cool (not cold) spot with a medium supply of morning light.

Pumpkins start to decay in about 5-7 days. When this happens don’t throw those green succulents away. Simply remove them with the plastic bag in tact and plant them in a new lovely planter from Interior Gardens.

Use your finished succulent pumpkins as indoor plant life and decoration or give them as gifts to a host at a holiday dinner party this month.

Visit Interior Garden’s showroom and pick up a variety of succulents to start your project today!


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