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Why Choose Plants?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic of plants in your living space, they induce health benefits for the mind and body. Interior landscape plants remove harmful toxins in the air, creating more breathable air and positive energy. Their beauty and bountiful health benefits are a bonus for any room or decor.

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  • Garlic-sprouts1

    Spring Arrives Early with Herbs

    Thinking of spring already? Bring a blast of seasonal scents into your home with herbs. Growing an herb garden indoors or in containers takes little time or skill and reaps great rewards. Placing herbs in containers around the home can bring relaxing qualities to the room and improve air quality. They can be used for […]

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  • pandaplant

    Top 5 Stunning Succulents

    With their plump leaves, cascading falls of feathery green or berrylike clusters of greenery, succulents are a stunning addition to any room of your home or office, from the kitchen window to the bathroom countertop. The color and form of this diverse group of plants spans the spectrum of beauty: The blue-green of the panda […]

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  • Red-Orchid-Flower-with-Yellow-Dots

    Chinese New Year: How are You Celebrating the Year of the Sheep?

    Do you expect the best for the New Year? Surrounding yourself with the beauty and symbolism of the elegant orchid can bring good fortune, love and luck to your 2015, according to those who recognize Chinese New Year. Orchids have long been considered a symbol of fertility, abundance and luck, making them a treasured gift […]

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