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Why Choose Plants?

Aside from the obvious aesthetic of plants in your living space, they induce health benefits for the mind and body. Interior landscape plants remove harmful toxins in the air, creating more breathable air and positive energy. Their beauty and bountiful health benefits are a bonus for any room or decor.

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Latest Blog Posts

  • office

    Succulent Secret

    Afraid to try something new? Curvy, stout and seductive, succulents are a lovely living addition to your indoor garden. Succulents often are seen as being difficult to manage, prickly and unglamorous. Play to their advantages and they are charming, colorful low-key crops of wonder that can bloom almost anywhere. While their juicy leaves, stems and […]

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  • TheFortune Daffodil

    Coax Color and Fragrance Into Your Home with Forced Bulbs

    Craving a bit of color and scent as spring descends on the world? The prospect of a glorious season of flowering hyacinths, tulips and delicate daffodils indoors can be thrilling. And it’s not that difficult. Forcing bulbs indoors creates a bright floral display with a fragrant aroma. Bulbs, can be induced to bloom indoors rather […]

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  • Health and Wellness terrarium

    A World Apart

    Their beauty, health benefits and ease of care have brought terrariums back to the forefront of home décor and gift giving. From a thank you gift to an activity for the family, terrariums are an affordable way to bring the outdoors in, anytime of year. You can use small containers, such as glass butter dishes, […]

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