What to Expect from a Professional Indoor Plant Design Service

Have you ever thought about hiring a professional indoor plant designer? Interior Gardens LV offers consulting for all your outdoor and indoor plant life. Just as you’d hire a professional make up artist or hairstylist, hiring a professional plant designer opens you up to the expertise of the field of plant life. We can show […]


Air Plant Care Tips

We are regularly asked for Tillandsia care information, so I thought it might be useful to review it quickly. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to reach out to us any time. Light Lighting for Tillandsias should be bright but filtered (April – October). They should not be left in […]


If You Were A Succulent…

Did you know there are over 1000 types of succulent species to enjoy? Like people, they come in so many different shapes, sizes and a variety of colors.  Since there are so many, let’s run down 5 types that may just be the type of indoor plant you are looking for. Here they are specified by […]

bathroom with frames

Does your bathroom have any plants in it? Why not!

One room we spend some thoughtful time in, why shouldn’t it be decorated with some indoor plant life? Not only bringing life into this room, plants can freshen the air in your bathroom. There are actually a number of indoor plants that thrive in the typical moist conditions found in this room. Some elements to […]


Spring Arrives Early with Herbs

Thinking of spring already? Bring a blast of seasonal scents into your kitchen with herbs. Here are my five favorite herbs for the kitchen. These herbs add a wild range of flavor to the dishes you love to make! Thyme Chives Mint Sage Basil If you have any questions about indoor plants or if you […]


Our 5 Favorite Top Dressings

• Mood Moss • Stones • Petrified Wood • Colorful Glass • Shells and Coral “I love mood moss because it’s so easy to use. It’s beautiful, elegant and fits like a puzzle. It compliments succulent arrangements which are my absolute passion. When it’s all put together it has an earthy vibe. I love mixing […]


Top 5 Indoor Plant Design Projects

Do it yourself projects are increasingly gaining popularity and with the rise of websites like Pinterest individuals from all over are determined to invigorate their creativity and challenge themselves with all kinds of projects. While there are numerous DIY projects that you can choose to try out, as plant specialists we can help guide you […]


A Lasting Symbol of Love

Planning on purchasing a bouquet of bright blossoms for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Cut flowers are cute, but they turn into a gloomy mess within days of delivery, destined for the trash before the chocolates can all be eaten. Instead of the standard bouquet, send a living, lasting Valentine’s Day orchid, an icon of […]


Green Walls in Office Design—What Are the Benefits?

Not only are green walls a beautiful design element, they also provide tremendous benefits. They are being used by cutting edge companies in the world of commercial interior design primarily overseas. What are living green walls anyway? Living green walls are installed on a framework  of panels and using hydroponics grow vertically in a space. […]


Succulent Secret

Afraid to try something new? Curvy, stout and seductive, succulents are a lovely living addition to your indoor garden. Succulents often are seen as being difficult to manage, prickly and unglamorous. Play to their advantages and they are charming, colorful low-key crops of wonder that can bloom almost anywhere. While their juicy leaves, stems and […]