TheFortune Daffodil

Coax Color and Fragrance Into Your Home with Forced Bulbs

Craving a bit of color and scent as spring descends on the world? The prospect of a glorious season of flowering hyacinths, tulips and delicate daffodils indoors can be thrilling. And it’s not that difficult. Forcing bulbs indoors creates a bright floral display with a fragrant aroma. Bulbs, can be induced to bloom indoors rather […]

Health and Wellness terrarium

A World Apart

Their beauty, health benefits and ease of care have brought terrariums back to the forefront of home décor and gift giving. From a thank you gift to an activity for the family, terrariums are an affordable way to bring the outdoors in, anytime of year. You can use small containers, such as glass butter dishes, […]


Top 5 Stunning Succulents

With their plump leaves, cascading falls of feathery green or berrylike clusters of greenery, succulents are a stunning addition to any room of your home or office, from the kitchen window to the bathroom countertop. The color and form of this diverse group of plants spans the spectrum of beauty: The blue-green of the panda […]


Chinese New Year: How are You Celebrating the Year of the Sheep?

Do you expect the best for the New Year? Surrounding yourself with the beauty and symbolism of the elegant orchid can bring good fortune, love and luck to your 2015, according to those who recognize Chinese New Year. Orchids have long been considered a symbol of fertility, abundance and luck, making them a treasured gift […]


Top 5 Plants for a Healthy Home

Indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than the air just outside your front door, according to a recent study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Dust, bacteria toxins from paint, carpets, cleaners and even chemicals from dry cleaning can build up in the air in your home. Plants can bring balance […]


A New Attitude for the New Year

Don’t follow the usual guidelines for New Year’s Eve decorations. It is a New Year and time to regain your focus for a fantastic 2015. The first thing your guest’s see when they walk in to your home sets the tone for your party. Spruce up your foyer or front door with swaths of natural […]


Holiday Gift Giving with Living Wreaths

Decorating the home to kick off the holiday season? Are you worrying about a special gift for that friend has who has everything? What about adorning your front door with a welcoming floral statement? Made not just for holiday gift giving, feast your eyes on these beautiful living works of art made in the form […]


Holiday Dinner Soon? Add Some Greenery to Your Table!

Here at Interior Gardens, we specialize in displaying and nurturing the beauty that indoor plants can provide. It’s that time again, time to set the table and gather friends and family at holiday meals. Why not spruce up the table with not only home cooking but green plants that add to the environment and the […]


Orange and Green All Over—DIY Succulent Pumpkin

You still have time to spread some Harvest cheer with this easy do-it-yourself project.  No green thumb required – follow these 4 easy steps to one of our favorite d.i.y. projects.  Supplies: Succulents, Any size pumpkin, Knife, Spoon, Soil + Sand (50/50 Mix) , Plastic Baggie, Scissors 1. Cut the top of your pumpkin(s) to get a clean […]


5 Indoor Plants that Make Perfect Gifts

Most of us always bring something when invited to a dinner, celebration or other event hosted by family or friends. This gift is usually in the form of a nice bottle of wine, a delicious desert or a beautiful and fragrant bouquet of flowers. Our parents and grandparents have instilled these traditions in us, which […]